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Microwave history

Updated July 8, 2011

"Those who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

- George Santayana

New for February 2010: a page on the history of the microwave oven, with information you likely won't here anywhere else!

Here's a page on SIGABA.

Here's a page that deals with the history of the radar letter bands.

Our "Why Fifty Ohms?" page deals with the math behind the history of why we use 50 and 75 ohm transmission lines.

Check out this page on the Mark 53 VT fuze from World War II.

Here's a downloadable pdf file that describes AT&T's first microwave link between New York and Boston, in 1947.

Here's some perspective on K-factor, by John Rollett, who came up with the concept in 1962.

Check out these "Historical Ads" from Varian, circa late 1950s!

Check out our new "Where are they now"? web page for more info on the history of microwave engineering.

We have a separate page on the history of microwave CAD.

Here's a page on historical test equipment for your amusement.

Here's a page on slotted lines, once used for measuring VSWR.

We've started documenting the history of MMICs here.

The Microwave Hall of Fame

This is our tribute to for the best names that are associated with microwave engineering.

Here are links to our three-part Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame Part 1: contains microwave people up until the 1920s.

Hall of Fame Part 2: contains the early development of radar, through the end of World War II.

Hall of Fame Part 3: contains people from the second half of the twentieth century, through today.

Want to nominate someone for the Microwave Hall of Fame? Drop us a line!

Links to other microwave history topics

Here's a link to robertcoats.net, it's the personal web site of Robert Coats, who has over 50 years experience in microwaves. Great stuff!

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