ABair bridge--
ABCSantimonide-based compound semiconductorAn extremely low voltage technology for very low power LNAs.
ACalternating currentWhat SoCal Edison supplies between roaming blackouts.
ACCadaptive cruise controlThe "car radar" we were all promised ten years ago would be on all new cars.
ACIadjacent channel interference--
ACLRadjacent channel leakage ratio--
ACPRadjacent channel power ratioA measurement of power amplifier linearity.
ACWGasymmetrical coplanar waveguide--
ADCanalog to digital converter--
ADSAdvanced Design SystemAgilient's microwave design tool.
ADTautomatic detection and trackingA radar term.
AESAactive electronically-steered arrayThe holy grail of antennas, but not even the federal government can afford one, so where does that leave the rest of us?
AGCautomatic gain controlCircuitry that actively adjusts the gain of an amplifier to maintain a constant gain output power over temperature, frequency, or input power conditions.
ALDatomic layer depositionA method of precisely depositing material.
ALNAluminum nitrideA ceramic substrate that has good heat-sinking properties.
AMamplitude modulationThe simplest way to put a baseband signal onto a carrier signal.
AM/PMamplitude modulation to phase modulationA form of distortion.
AMPSAdvanced mobile phone systemAnalog cell phone standard.
ANAautomated network analyzerUsed to measure S-parameters of a network.
AOAangle of arrivalA term associated with antennas.
APC-7Amphenol precision connector, 7 millimeterTrademarked name for a sexless connector system.
APDPanti-parallel diode pairOften used in a sub-harmonic mixer.
APSantenna positioning system--
ARRLAmerican Radio Relay LeagueThe organization that supports ham radio.
ASICapplication-specific semiconductorThe most expensive (and elegant) means of providing logic for your modules.
ASKamplitude-shift keying--
ATEautomated test equipmentWhat you will need when your circuit enters production
ATRanti transmit-receive cells--
AUTantenna under test--
AWGAmerican wire gaugeA standard for copper wire diameter.
AWGNadditive white Gaussian noise--
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