BAUDsymbol rateNote that "baud rate" is like saying "symbol rate rate" which doesn't make any sense, does it? Thanks, Mike!
BAWbulk acoustic waveSimilar to surface acoustic wave technology.
BERbit error rateThe number of errors over a given period of time expressed as a percentage.
BFNbeam-forming networkA system of power combiners and phase shifters that is used to steer an array.
BICMOSbipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductorThe RF devices that are used in SiGe.
BITbuilt-in testRefers to output signals that are generated by a piece of hardware whose only function is to help you determine if your hardware is working.
BITEbuilt-in test equipmentSee above. Alternately, a verb, as in reality BITEs.
BJTbipolar junction transistorA good old-fashioned semiconductor device recently made useful into the lower microwave frequencies.
BLUETOOTHBluetoothA wireless networking convention named after a dead Danish king
BNCbayonet N-type connectorA type of RF connector from the dark ages (useful only to UHF frequencies).
BOMbill of materialsThe whole ball of wax required to assemble all of your widgets.
BPFband-pass filterA two-port network that rejects signals outside of a certain frequency band.
BPSKbinary phase-shift keyingThanks to Adam for the correction!
BSbase stationAlso, bravo sierra...
BSDBlind spot detectionAn application of automotive radar
BSOMbeats the (stuffing) out of meWho busted the scope probe? BSOM!
BWObackward wave oscillator--
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