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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Acronyms - C

c the speed of light 186,000 mile per second, speed limit of the universe.
CAD computer-aided design Examples: software such as Eagleware and AutoCAD.
CAE computer-aided engineering The union of CAD, CAM and CAT.
CAM computer-aided manufacturing Examples: automated pick and place, automated wirebonder.
CAT computer-aided test Examples: automated network analyzer, phase noise analyzer.
CATV community access television "The cable".
CBCPW conductor-backed coplanar waveguide What you get when you add a ground plane under the substrate below CPW. Basically a mixed-mode microstrip/CPW transmission line. Also called grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW).
CCA circuit card assembly A printed wiring board with mounted components.
CCDF complementary cumultative distribution function A CCDF curve displays the relative power levels of a signal versus probability based on how much time the signal spends at or above a given power level.
CCW counterclockwise Circulators can be CW or CCW
CDMA code division multiple access We aren't wireless guys, so we have no idea!
CEM computational electromagnetics  
CDPD cellular digital packet data A wireless standard.
CF calibration factor Data that is needed to correct the response of a power head over frequency.
CFA crossed-field amplifier  
CLA Common-leg amplifier Often used in T/R modules to reduce cost.
CMR Connector miniature rectantangular A type of waveguide flange.
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor A technology for making integrated circuits.
C/N carrier-to-noise (ratio)  
COB chip on board packaging technique, also known as "glob-top"
COE center of excellence What they rename a division of the company, before the PSB.
COTS commercial off-the-shelf  
CNC computer numerically controlled An automated way to machine parts.
CNR, or C/N carrier-to-noise ratio  
CP circularly polarized  
CPR connector pressurized rectangular A type of waveguide flange.
CPRF connector pressurized rectangular flat A type of waveguide flange.
CPRG connector pressurized rectangular grooved A type of waveguide flange.
CPS co-planar stripline Thanks, Manuel!
CPW coplanar waveguide A TEM transmission line media popular for extremely high-frequency (>75 GHz) circuits.
CSRR complimentary split ring resonator A technique used to realize metamaterials.
CSO composite second order (distortion)  
CSP chip-scale package A method of protecting a microcircuit without an expensive hermetic enclosure.
CT curve tracer  
CTE Coefficient of thermal expansion (also called TCE) An approximate measure of how a solid expands or contracts over temperature.
CTB composite triple beat (distortion)  
CVD chemical-vapor deposition As in MOCVD, PECVD and VPCVD.
CW continuous wave or clockwise A continuous wave signal of a single frequency that is on continuously as opposed to pulsed.
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Last Updated: 11 October 2016
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