Cthe speed of light186,000 mile per second, speed limit of the universe.
C/Ncarrier-to-noise (ratio)--
CADcomputer-aided designExamples: software such as Eagleware and AutoCAD.
CAEcomputer-aided engineeringThe union of CAD, CAM and CAT.
CAMcomputer-aided manufacturingExamples: automated pick and place, automated wirebonder.
CATcomputer-aided testExamples: automated network analyzer, phase noise analyzer.
CATVcommunity access television"The cable".
CBCommon baseA transistor amplifier configuration
CBCPWconductor-backed coplanar waveguideWhat you get when you add a ground plane under the substrate below CPW. Basically a mixed-mode microstrip/CPW transmission line. Also called grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW).
CCAcircuit card assemblyA printed wiring board with mounted components.
CCDFcomplementary cumultative distribution functionA CCDF curve displays the relative power levels of a signal versus probability based on how much time the signal spends at or above a given power level.
CCWcounterclockwiseCirculators can be CW or CCW
CDMAcode division multiple accessWe aren't wireless guys, so we have no idea!
CDPDcellular digital packet dataA wireless standard.
CECommon emitterA transistor amplifier configuration
CEMcomputational electromagnetics--
CFcalibration factorData that is needed to correct the response of a power head over frequency.
CFAcrossed-field amplifier--
CLACommon-leg amplifierOften used in T/R modules to reduce cost.
CMBCosmic Microwave BackgroundThe cosmic microwave background (CMB) is electromagnetic radiation left over from an early stage of the universe filling all space.
CMOScomplementary metal oxide semiconductorA technology for making integrated circuits.
CMRConnector miniature rectantangularA type of waveguide flange.
CNCcomputer numerically controlledAn automated way to machine parts.
CNR, OR C/Ncarrier-to-noise ratio--
COBchip on boardpackaging technique, also known as "glob-top"
COEcenter of excellenceWhat they rename a division of the company, before the PSB.
COTScommercial off-the-shelf--
CPcircularly polarized--
CPACPACylindrical phased arrays
CPRconnector pressurized rectangularA type of waveguide flange.
CPRFconnector pressurized rectangular flatA type of waveguide flange.
CPRGconnector pressurized rectangular groovedA type of waveguide flange.
CPSco-planar striplineThanks, Manuel!
CPWcoplanar waveguideA TEM transmission line media popular for extremely high-frequency (>75 GHz) circuits.
CSOcomposite second order (distortion)--
CSPchip-scale packageA method of protecting a microcircuit without an expensive hermetic enclosure.
CSRRcomplimentary split ring resonatorA technique used to realize metamaterials.
CTcurve tracer--
CTBcomposite triple beat (distortion)--
CTECoefficient of thermal expansion (also called TCE)An approximate measure of how a solid expands or contracts over temperature.
CVDchemical-vapor depositionAs in MOCVD, PECVD and VPCVD.
CWcontinuous wave or clockwiseA continuous wave signal of a single frequency that is on continuously as opposed to pulsed.
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