Cthe speed of light186,000 mile per second, speed limit of the universe.
C/Ncarrier-to-noise (ratio)--
CADcomputer-aided designExamples: software such as Eagleware and AutoCAD.
CAEcomputer-aided engineeringThe union of CAD, CAM and CAT.
CAMcomputer-aided manufacturingExamples: automated pick and place, automated wirebonder.
CATcomputer-aided testExamples: automated network analyzer, phase noise analyzer.
CATVcommunity access television"The cable".
CBCPWconductor-backed coplanar waveguideWhat you get when you add a ground plane under the substrate below CPW. Basically a mixed-mode microstrip/CPW transmission line. Also called grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW).
CCAcircuit card assemblyA printed wiring board with mounted components.
CCDFcomplementary cumultative distribution functionA CCDF curve displays the relative power levels of a signal versus probability based on how much time the signal spends at or above a given power level.
CCWcounterclockwiseCirculators can be CW or CCW
CDMAcode division multiple accessWe aren't wireless guys, so we have no idea!
CDPDcellular digital packet dataA wireless standard.
CEMcomputational electromagnetics--
CFcalibration factorData that is needed to correct the response of a power head over frequency.
CFAcrossed-field amplifier--
CLACommon-leg amplifierOften used in T/R modules to reduce cost.
CMOScomplementary metal oxide semiconductorA technology for making integrated circuits.
CMRConnector miniature rectantangularA type of waveguide flange.
CNCcomputer numerically controlledAn automated way to machine parts.
CNR, OR C/Ncarrier-to-noise ratio--
COBchip on boardpackaging technique, also known as "glob-top"
COEcenter of excellenceWhat they rename a division of the company, before the PSB.
COTScommercial off-the-shelf--
CPcircularly polarized--
CPACPACylindrical phased arrays
CPRconnector pressurized rectangularA type of waveguide flange.
CPRFconnector pressurized rectangular flatA type of waveguide flange.
CPRGconnector pressurized rectangular groovedA type of waveguide flange.
CPSco-planar striplineThanks, Manuel!
CPWcoplanar waveguideA TEM transmission line media popular for extremely high-frequency (>75 GHz) circuits.
CSOcomposite second order (distortion)--
CSPchip-scale packageA method of protecting a microcircuit without an expensive hermetic enclosure.
CSRRcomplimentary split ring resonatorA technique used to realize metamaterials.
CTcurve tracer--
CTBcomposite triple beat (distortion)--
CTECoefficient of thermal expansion (also called TCE)An approximate measure of how a solid expands or contracts over temperature.
CVDchemical-vapor depositionAs in MOCVD, PECVD and VPCVD.
CWcontinuous wave or clockwiseA continuous wave signal of a single frequency that is on continuously as opposed to pulsed.
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