FFahrenheit or FaradTemperature scale named after a dead Deutsche guy (not a Dutch guy, thanks Laurens!), or a unit of capacitance named after a dead Brit who is a member of our Microwave Hall of Fame!
FBMCfilter bank multi carrier--
FCCFederal Communications Commission--
FDDfrequency division duplex--
FDMAfrequency division multiple access--
FDSOIfully depleted silicon-on-insulatorA method of isolating silicon circuits from silicon body of an integrated circuit.
FDTDfinite difference time domainA computational electromagnetics approach for solving realistic EM problems, popularized by Prof. Allen Taflove of Northwestern University.
FEAfinite element analysisUsed in simulating electromagnetic fields.
FERFront end receiver OR frame error rate, depending on the context.A semiconductor device.
FETfield-effect transistorA semiconductor device.
FFfemto-faradA unit of capacitance, 10E-15 farads.
FFFar fieldA type of antenna measurement
FFSfinal frontsideMMIC wafers often have DC data measured prior to flipping the wafer for backside processing.
FFTfast Fourier transformThe Fourier transform is what allows you to go between frequency and time domains.
FGCPWfinite groundplane coplanar waveguideCoplanar waveguide, with narrow ground strips. Not the same thing as CBCPW!
FIRfinite impulse response (filter)--
FITfinite integration technique--
FMfrequency modulationTransferring information by varying the carrier frequency. The broadcast radio band with "no static at all".
FMAXmaximum frequencyThe maximum frequency at which you can get power gain from a transistor.
FMCWfrequency modulated continuous waveA type of radar waveform.
FMINminimum noise figure of a deviceUsed in low noise amplifier design.
FODforeign object/debrisUnwanted stuff that accidentally finds its way into hardware during manufacturing.  Food, tools, ty-wraps... things that could cause a disaster after delivery to your customer.
FPField plateUsed in GaN HEMTs to reduce peak electric field in channel
FR-4fire-retardant 4A glass-resin PWB material.
FSfield strengthMagnitude of an electromagnetic field.
FSKfrequency shift keying--
FSRfull sheet resonanceA method for measuring dielectric constant of a circuit board.
FSSfrequency-selective surfaceA substrate with a metal pattern that passes energy at one frequency but blocks it at another.
FTfeetUnit of length used by Yankees.
FTtransition frequencyThe frequency at which the gain of a transistor is 0dB.
FTPfile transfer protocol--
FUBARf***ed up beyond all repairOne of the two excellent acronyms that are the legacy of the greatest generation (see snafu)
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