Ggravity unitMeasurement of how hard a part will be accelerated.
GAavailable gainComputed from S-parameters of a two-port network.
GAASgallium arsenideIII-IV compound that is a staple of the microwave IC world.
GANgallium nitrideAn immature wide-bandgap III-V semiconductor technology that may offer a 10 dB increase in output power for the same size GaAs device.
GBSGiga-bits per secondA unit of data rate
GCPWgrounded coplanar waveguideWhat you get when you add a ground plane under the substrate below CPW. Basically a mixed-mode microstrip/CPW transmission line. Also called conductor-backed coplanar waveguide (CBCPW).
GEOgeostationary earth orbitA position in near-space at which a satellite remains in the same position relative to the earth below.
GHZgigahertz1,000,000,000 cycles per second. Currently, the clock speed of a fairly inexpensive personal computer.
GLgrating lobeSee phased arrays.
GMAXmaximum gainThe theoretical gain of an amplifier when it is conjugately matched.
GOPTgamma optimumOne of three noise parameters for a device, refers to the generator impedance required for minimum noise figure. Used in noise figure calculations, along with RN and NFmin.
GPIBgeneral purpose interface bus--
GPOGilbert push-onA trademarked family of RF connectors, now owned by Corning.
GPSglobal positioning system, ground-plane spacingWhat terrorists will use to position their first nuclear bomb, or a key dimension in stripline.
GRgroundA potential of zero volts, usually with respect to the chassis.
gs 2general studies 2qualifying in nature
GSGgorund signal groundThe normal configuration for co-planar RF probes.
GSMglobal system for mobile communicationsDigital cell phone standard.
GSOgeo-synchronous orbit--
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