MAGRAMmagnetic radar absorbing materialUsed in radar cross-section reduction.
MAXmaximumOpposite of min.
MBEmolecular-beam epitaxyMethod of growing semiconductor layers onto a substrate.
MCMmulti-chip moduleRefers to a method of fabricating a microwave circuit using directly-bonded integrated circuit chips.
MCMmulti-carrier modulationA method of transmitting data by splitting it into multiple signals.
MDSmulti-point distribution system, minimum detectable signalA received signal that is maybe 3 dB higher than the noise level.
MEMSmicroelectromechanical systemA microwave career killer.
MEOmedium earth orbit--
MESFETmetal/semiconductor field effect transistorA three-terminal semiconductor device in which a Schottky-metal gate is used to control electron flow between source and drain contacts.
MHEMTmetamorphic high electron mobility transistorA relatively new GaAs semiconductor technology for millimeterwave applications.
MHZmegahertz1,000,000 cycles per second.
MICmicrowave integrated circuitAn assembly of ceramic substrates and wirebonded components, also called a "hybrid".
MIL-TFDmake it like the f***ing drawing!!!Nuff said.
MIMmetal-insulator-metalA type of capacitor on an integrated circuit.
MIMOmultiple input multiple outputA radio architecture for maximizing capacity
MINminimumOpposite of max.
MISFETmetal-insulator-semiconductor field effect transistorA type of FET that uses a thin layer of insulating GaAs above the channel to isolate the gate. Not used often, but noted for huge voltage/power handling capability.
MISOmultiple input single output--
MLBmulti-layer board--
MLCmulti-layer capacitorUsually used as a surface mount capacitor.
MLPmicro leadframe packageOne of many package styles.
MMDSmultichannel multiport distribution system--
MMICmonolithic microwave integrated circuitA single chip containing a microwave circuit.
MMWmillimeter-waveFrequencies between 30 and 300 GHz.
MOCVDmetallorganic chemical vapor depositionOne of many ways to grow semiconductor films onto a substrate.
MOMmethod of momentsThe theory behind the EM analysis in Momentum.
MOSmetal-oxide semiconductorA type of capacitor.
MOSFETmetal/oxide/semiconductor field-effect transistorA three-terminal semiconductor device which usually is limited to UHF band.
MOVPEmetallorganic vapor-phase epitaxyOne of many ways to grow semiconductor films onto a substrate.
MPAMedium power amplifierLittle sister of a power amplifier
MPACmulti-probe anechoic chamber--
MPMmicrowave power moduleWhat tube guys call the solid-state preamplifier.
MRAD, MRmilliradianUnit of angle for pretty small stuff.
MSmillisecond1/1000 of a second. Time really does fly at this rate.
MSmilli-Siemens1/1000 of a Seimen.
MSAmicrostrip antenna--
MSBmost-significant bitIn a three-bit phase shifter, the 180 degree bit.
MTBFmean time between failureA measure of reliability.
MTImoving target indicator--
MTTFmean time to failureA measure of reliability.
MVmillivolt1/1000 of a volt
MVEDmicrowave vacuum electronics device--
MWmilliwattUnit of power, 1/1000 of a watt
MWmicrowaveAs opposed to "MMW" which is millimeter-wave.
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