OCopen circuitOpposite of short circuit.
OCRoptical character recognitionScan in a printed document and voilĂ , you have a zillion mispellings to correct. Ask Walter Rotman....
OCXOoven controlled crystal oscillator--
ODoutside diameterThe outside dimension of a cylinder.
OEOerstedsUnit of magnetic intensity, named after Hans Christian Oersted.
OFOld fartThat old guy out in the lab that knows everything but has hairs growing out of his ears.
OFDMorthagonal frequency division multiplexingA method of sending multiple closely spaced carrier signals from a single transmitter.
OFHCoxygen-free high-conductivity (copper)The ideal material for low loss waveguide.
OMNoutput matching network--
OMTortho-mode transducer--
OQAMoffset quadrature amplitude modulation--
OTAover the air--
OTOIoutput third order intercept--
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