V-POLvertical polarization--
VBRbreakdown voltageUsually refers to gate-drain breakdown in a FET.
VCAvoltage controlled attenuatorThe same thing as a VVA.
VCOvoltage-controlled oscillator--
VCXOvoltage-controlled crystal oscillator--
VDdrain voltageNot a sexually transmitted disease in this case, you pervert.
VFMvariable frequency microwaveA new and improved way to use microwaves to heat material, such as in semiconductor processing.
VGAvariable gain amplifier--
VNAvector network analyzer--
VPEvapor-phase epitaxyA method of growing semiconductors on a substrate.
VPINvertical PIN diodeUsed to make low-loss switches monolithically.
VPOpinch-off voltageThe gate-source voltage at which a FET's channel is fully depleted and electrical current between drain and source is prevented.
VRMvoltage regulator moduledigitally programmable buck convertor
VSATvery small aperture terminal--
VSWRvoltage standing wave ratioSee SWR.
VVAvoltage-variable attenuator--
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