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Microstrip Calculator
With thanks to David Campbell for the use of this calculator

Substrate Parameters

  • εr: Relative permittivity of the substrate.
  • Tanδ: Loss tangent of the substrate. This parameter is used for the loss calculations. The higher the value, the larger the loss.
  • Rho: Conductor resistivity relative to copper. This parameter is used for the loss calculations. When in doubt, use 1 for copper, .946 for silver, or 1.45 for gold.
  • Height: Height of the substrate.
  • Thickness: Thickness of the microstrip conductor. This can be set to zero, but the calculated loss will not include conductor losses.
  • Frequency: Frequency at which the microstrip transmission line is analyzed or synthesized.
  • GHz
  • mils
  • mils
  • GHz

Analysis/Synthesis Values

  • mils
  • Ohms
  • mils
  • degrees
  • dB

εeff is the calculated effective dielectric constant of the microstrip line due to the nonhomogeneous nature of the structure (i.e., the structure is made up of two dielectric materials: air and the substrate material).

Loss is calculated as a combination of dielectric loss and conductor loss at the analyzed/synthesized length. If the conductor thickness is set to zero, the loss will only include the dielectric loss component.


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