Type of Advertisement

Wallpaper Ads

We require multiple creative for the wall paper ad. This enables us to optimize the ad across different screen resolutions.

  • Size 1: 120 x 600 px
  • Size 2: 210 x 700 px
  • Size 3: 270 x 800 px

You can send 1 or 2 creative for each size.

If you send 1 of each size, we will show the same creative on the left and right sides of the website.

In case you would like to show different creatives on the left and right side, then please provide 2 creative for each size - one for the left and the other for the right.

  • File Formats Supported: JPG, PNG
  • File Size: Maximum file size: 100 kb. The smaller file size the better as the ad will load faster.
  • Note: No gif or animated ads are allowed in this ad slot.
  • Impression Tracking: You can provide a 1 x 1 pixel for impression tracking.

Newsletter Ads

  • Banner Ads
  • Image: 600 x 100 px ( jpg, png - File size under 45 kb ) - The Image needs to be static.
  • On click URL: A link where you would like to direct the user on click.

Header Ad

Size 1: 166 x 84 px

Size 2: 300 x 168 px (Expanded)


  • Image File Formats Supported: GIF, JPEG and PNG formats

  • File Size: The maximum file size supported is 75 KB

  • Third Party Tags Supported (Check with publisher for details)

On Click URL: A link where you would like to direct the user on click.

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