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October 21, 2017
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MW Power divider (WPD, GPD), Bandwidth extension techniques

2 weeks 1 day ago #860 by kakh6739
kakh6739 created the topic: MW Power divider (WPD, GPD), Bandwidth extension techniques
Hello, I am comparing the performance of different power dividers for LTCC substrate at Ka band. For that I am trying different existing BW extension techniques. In the bottom of the page of wilkinson power divider in this website one simple technique for extending bandwidth is shown. One one quarter wave transformer is used on the input port. Can anyone tell me the underlying theory and relevant source of this information? I am also interested in the bandwidth extension techniques for gysel power divider. Thanks in advance. :)

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1 day 13 hours ago #864 by Microwaves101
Microwaves101 replied the topic: MW Power divider (WPD, GPD), Bandwidth extension techniques

The bandwidth extension of a WPD is related to impedance transformers.. in a fifty ohm system you are transforming 50 ohms to 25 ohms (two 50 ohm terminations in parallel). For a simple WPD, the arms are 70.7 ohms and act as the entire transformer. Adding a second section either to the input, the outputs or internally means the transformation has additional elements. More elements means more BW. The individual transformers are quarter-wave at center frequency, but if you have two of them you will see that the length becomes quarterwave at F0/2, so you get more bandwidth below the band.

Transformer theory was well known before Wilkinson came along. You can go down a lot of different paths, like equal-ripple, max-flat, etc. There is no singular correct way to do this.

Sorry this is not a great explanation, maybe someone else can expand on this...


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