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May 23, 2017
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Terahertz scanner: does it work?

1 week 22 hours ago #826 by Averichev
Averichev created the topic: Terahertz scanner: does it work?
Hello everyone,

Maybe someone good at this topic or met this problem before, because I was really confused reading about this
Can someone tell me: does it actually work? And how terahertz radiation can influence on the human body, considering that THz waves passing through variety of things, such as plastics, ceramics, composites etc.? Thanks in advance!

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6 days 22 hours ago #827 by Dave
Dave replied the topic: Terahertz scanner: does it work?
THz imaging works. If I'm not mistaken, the full body scanners in airport security lines are THz systems.

There are two main areas that I know of: active and passive. As the name suggests, active requires a source to illuminate the target. A little more complicated, but you get better dynamic range as a result.

I'm by no means an expert, but as far as I know, THz imaging is human safe, unlike X-rays. The THz waves only penetrate a very short distance into the skin, whereas X-rays pass right through. There's a lot of research going on in the use of THz imaging for medical purposes to sense skin problems and the like.

Maybe someone going to IMS could hit them up for more info about how it works.

Steve, what about talking them into sponsoring some microwaves101 content on THz imaging?

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