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July 20, 2018
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Microwave Mortuary 2005

Have you ever thrown a shopping cart out of a convertible at 80 mph to observe the sparks? How about hooking up a power amplifier to 115 volts AC just to see how it craters? Your fellow engineers have done these things and more! If you have a great picture of totally destroyed hardware, or a photo of a blown circuit, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If it gets on the web site you will receive a free Microwaves101 key chain pocket knife! Impress your friends, if not your boss!

New for January 2013: the mortuary has now been separated by year, as we have had a few complaints about how long it takes to load. But maybe it is time some of you considered a better broadband connection to the internet?

Note to mortuary contributors: please consider that your boss may not find your submission in the best interests of your Big Company. Lately we've been getting a lot of "please remove my submission" emails, try not to send us anything that you might regret.

Note to Big Companies: Don't blame us for posting your spectacular failures, we only post what your employees send us. On the other hand, please don't rip off Microwaves101 pictures for presentations without permission, that's bad manners. Maybe it's time for some training!

Note to mortuary fans: We put new stuff here at the top, but older disasters are still here too--just scroll down.In many cases, if you click on pictures on this page you can see higher resolution images.


New for October 2005: Tony sent in this picture from an AM transmitter cable, that apparently worked better than it looks... we're wondering how many kilowatts this bad boy had to carry! He submitted this caption: "please just say no to home brew heliax connectors. New connectors are not that expensive compared to what you pay for the cable. Besides, some jerk with a digital camera will take a picture of it and send it to Microwaves101!"




New for October 2005: Frank has sent us a couple of pictures that illustrate what NOT to do during qualification. "During the EMI portion of qual testing at an outside testing facility a power supply failed and applied line voltage to a DC input. Unfortunately the unit was sealed at this point so there was no fire or magic smoke to be seen. I just love the way the the legs were burned right off the regulator (in the second picture). No we won't be using that facility's services again."



New for September 2005: we've got four new photos of mass destruction... don't tell "W" or he might invade this peaceful third-world website!

Let's start with this photo of a burned Ku-band waveguide window, courtesy of "HP". He was running at 18.3 GHz doing some critical pressure testing when it rapidly started to lose vacuum in the TVAC chamber. It's a good guess that this W/G window didn't like drastic pressure changes while passing 100 watts! We'd guess that voids the warrantee. Nice photo, tell us the camera model and we'll look for one on Ebay...



Now let's admire two photos from the admirable "NS6Y". Here's a nice little RF switch, N to SMA, but looks like it got a little lightning hit! Hmm, are SMA connectors usually black like that? Meanwhile inside, everything looks OK, except that burnt smell that
just won't go away.....



NS6Y also sent along some "better living tips" which were no doubt rejected by that scourge of the airwaves, HGTV... a whole new take on "microwaves for the kitchen..."Living in the Bay Area as I do, I know: balsamic vinegar tastes good! But, the lousy cork stopper broke! Wah! Well, good old Caplugs (popular dust caps for rf/microwave connectors) to the rescue, I think this is about the size for a GR-900 connector, it saved the day! Like any rf/microwave person, I collect those Caplugs obsessively and have a nice bin of them."

NS6Y, next time we're up the coast, how about fixing us a little lunch?



Below is a picture we took. Here's a new use for your microwave oven... got some "proprietary" data you want to eliminate? Nuke it for five seconds in the ol' Amana, and even the CIA couldn't pin that alleged white collar crime on you! Here's our page on microwave heating, it's just getting started.



New for July 2005: Here's two photos from Tk's private collection of horrors. The wire closet photo is before Tk reworked it. The Nextel picture makes us want to switch to Cingular, read the message on the phone!




New for June 2005: contributed by Lou from Honeywell in Kansas City. The title of this gem is appropriately "too much drain current". We'd guess about six amps too much... next time set the current limit on the supply for Chrissakes! Click on the small picture to admire a larger image!



New for February 2005: contributed by Ed - WB6CFW from Sunnyvale, here is a photo of a solar electric charge controller that was in the power system of a microwave repeater site somewhere in China. The suspicion is that lightning had something to do with the extensive damage. Morningstar, the manufacturer reported never having seen anything as bad as this one. Of course, the customer was asking for a warrantee replacement... Excellent photo, Ed!


New for January 2005: here is an example of why you can't just "throw around a football" in your yard in Tucson Arizona! OK, it is not a microwave picture, but a disaster nonetheless!

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