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AESA is an acronym for active electronically steered antenna. More content coming soon!

There is no question that Dr. Gabe Rebeiz's group at UCSD is the leader in silicon-based AESAs. Check out this one at 110 GHz. It is nice to see a school known for this level of academic achievement, in a country where the sports page is how most people relate to colleges. had a lot of excellent material on their web site, including several papers on AESAs. Unfortunate they lost their funding and the site went dark. If you know anyone associated with that web site, tell them we will gladly find a home for their content! We did manage to snag two papers on time delay units which you can download on our TDU page.

Meanwhile, this failed rotary joint makes the perfect argument for using an AESA in your next radar. Thanks to Ed! See more destruction in the microwave mortuary.




Author : Unknown Editor