ARMMS Conference

New for February 2023. Now that we've attended the ARMMS conference (November 2022), it's time for a Microwaves101 page on it. ARMMS stands for "Automated Radio Frequency and Microwave Measurement Society”.  While the conference was originally focused on automated measurement, it has for many years covered all aspects of RF and microwave engineering. The conference is small, possibly 100 people, and is held twice a year in the UK, in April and November, since 1982.  A few years were skipped because of COVID-19, with the conference resuming in April 2022 and November 2022. ARMMS alternates between Oxford, and Wyboston Lakes (near Cambridge). Both venues are 90 minutes from London airports.

Attendees at ARMMS November 2023

An early speaker was Harold Stinehelfer, who is in our Microwaves Hall of Fame. Read about time domain analysis, which was his passion, here.

ARMMS is not affiliated with the IEEE, and unlike the IEEE, all ARMMS papers eventually become publicly available on their website.  Papers from April 2019 and earlier are available for free download here.  Attendees of course immediately get electronic copies of all of the papers for the conference the attend.  The papers come from a mix of academics and practicing engineers, and the venue includes an exhibition featuring well-known microwave suppliers. An extensive list of supporting companies is provided on the ARMMS website, here.

The conference starts on a Monday afternoon and ends the following day in the afternoon.  Three meals are included, and the Monday dinner includes some free drinks.  The "early bird" attendance fee is  £295,  the standard fee is £325,  and the day rate fee is £220, all inclusive of VAT. If you compare the cost to an IEEE event, you will see that it is a bargain.

Delicious Dinner!

ARMMS talks include some of the best-known speakers in the industry, such as Dr. Steve Cripps, see below.


A well-known author describes the theory and history of the load-modulated balanced amplifier at ARMMS November 2022


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