Avoiding oscillations in microwave packaging

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New for July 2016: Even though you avoided using conditionally stable amplifiers in your design, you might encounter spurious oscillations from time to time.  Cavity resonances, bias line coupling, accidental RF feedback on high-gain amplifiers, ground plane issues can all add up to misery.

One of the tricks in a microwave engineer's toolbox is using magnetic absorber. But how do you predict whether it will be effective, or even if you have a problem that requires attention, back in the design phase?  Below is a Keysight video on this timely topic!  In this video you will learn how to predict and ultimately eliminate layout induced oscillation using EM analysis. We all know that in any real, fabricated circuit, substrate layout coupling or parasitics may induce unwanted effects such as oscillation. The procedure described can be used for Surface Mount Circuit, MMIC or Chip and Wire Module design, accurately predicting the performance of your circuit and saving costly errors and re-spin due to layout induced oscillation.

How to Eliminate Layout-Induced Oscillations, presented by Dan Schwartz




Author : Unknown Editor