BCICTS History

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BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and Technology Symposium. (BCICTS) is usually in October, at a site near the west coast or the east coast to accommodate European and Asian travelers. In 2022 it was in Phoenix, the dates were 16-19 October. Here is the website. 

BCICTS was formed as a merger of CSICS (Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Symposium)  and  BCTM conference (Bipolar and BiCMOS Circuits and Technology) a few years ago. These conferences were designed to be way smaller than the International Microwave Symposium. You can expect to meet ~150 experts in the field, and have a good time while

Here are links to an official (and free!) IEEE history article on CSICs and an article on BCTM.

We decided to tabulate the venues, dates and symposium chairs for BCICTS and its CSICS heritage (maybe we can add in the BCTM data later). CSICS started life as the GaAs IC symposium, way back in 1978, and at one point during the heyday of DARPA's MIMIC program it had close to 1000 attendees. When other compound semi's popped up they decided to change the name to be more inclusive, a lesson that we should all take to heart.

Much of this data was generated by playing with the Wayback Machine. In case you are not old enough to know this, the Wayback machine was a feature in a cartoon that ran from 1959 to 1961. Here Sherman and Mr. Peabody assist in the British surrender to the Continental Army... In case you are not aware, Mr. Peabody is the World's Smartest Dog and graduated from Harvard at the age of three.

The Original Wayback Machine

-------------GaAs IC Symposium

Unfortunately, the world-wide web was not really a thing for the first years of the GaAs IC symposium.  It may take some digging to get the early data. What sucks is that we threw out the conference proceedings of at least two of these events...












1988 Nashville, TN, 6-9 November

1989 San Diego, CA, 22-25 October

1990 New Orleans, LA, 7-10 October

1991 Monterey, CA, 20-23 October

1992 Miami, FL, 4-7 October

1993 San Jose, CA, 1-013 October

1994 Philadelphia, PA, 16-19 October

1995 San Diego, CA, 29 October-1 November

1996 San Jose, CA, 10-13 October

1997, Anaheim, CA, 12-15 October, Phil Wallace

1998 Atlanta, GA, 1-4 November, Bill Stanchina

1999 Monterey, CA, 17-20 October, Mark Wilson

2000, Seattle, WA , 5-8 November, Jim Komiak

2001 Baltimore, MD, 21-24 October, John Sitch

2002 Monterey, CA, 20-23 October, Tim Henderson

2003 San Diego, CA, 9-12 November, Chris Bozado

------------------2004... conference becomes CSICS

2004 Monterey, CA,  24-27 October, Kevin Kobayashi

2005 Palm Springs, CA, 1-2 November, Brad Nelson

2006 San Antonio, TX, 12-15 November, Mitchell Schifrin

2007 Portland, OR, 14-17 October, Mohammad Madihian

2008 Monterey, CA ,12-14, October, William Pentman

2009 Greensboro, NC, 11-14 October, Marko Sokolich

2010 Monterey, CA, 3-6 October, Dave Halchin

2011 Waikoloa, HI,16-19 October, Dan Scherrer

2012 La Jolla, CA 14-17 October, Sorin Voinigescu

2013 Monterey, CA, 13-16 October, Francois Colomb

2014 La Jolla, CA, 19-20 October, Doug McPherson

2015 New Orleans, LA, Charles Campbell

2016 Austin TX, 23-26 October, Harris (Chip) Moyer

2017 Miami, FL, 22-25 October Jim Carroll

             Conference was helld right after Hurricane Irma....  the city was a mess.

-----------------2018 is first year after CSICS merges with BCTM

2018 San Diego, CA, 14-17 October,  Peter Magnee and Brian Moser (Co-Chairs)

2019 Nashville, TN, 3-6 November, Peter Zampardi and Sorin Voinigescu, (Co-Chairs)

2020 Virtual (was supposed to be Monterey), Bruce Green

2021 Virtual, Craig Steinbeiser

2022 Phoenix, AZ 16-19 October, Robert Howell