Doppler Radar Teardown

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New for November 2019

Below, Shahriar from The Signal Path takes apart a cheap 24 GHz Doppler radar, it is similar to what turns on the lights in the men's room. It's the kind of thing that is sometimes used as a landing aid in a multicopter. The video is a little long for short attention spans, at 40 minutes, but once we started looking at it, the time just flew by.

24 GHz Doppler radar teardown and demo by Shahriar Shahramian

In the video you will see a lot of microwave fundamentals, including a 180 degree "rat-race" ring hybrid coupler, coupled lines forming DC blocks, bias tee networks that don't load down a circuit, a mixer that operates down to DC on the IF port, even ridged waveguide horn antenna that is based on the Vivaldi architecture!  Free running oscillators have notorious instabilities and phase noise, as this video proves.

Cool stuff: Shahriar's miniature antenna range controlled by Arduino, demonstrates beam-forming!

Thanks again, Shahriar!


Author : Unknown Editor