File Sharing

If you need to share files with your team, you should decide up front whether you'll be sharing the files, or actually working on them together. Depending on the type of file and configuration of your network, you may have file sharing and collaboration capabilities built in. For example, if you're creating a web site with a tool like Wordpress or Joomla, or already store documents in Sharepoint, the system is already tracking who makes each change and storing older versions of each document.


Storage Space 





10 GB (free) to unlimited 


Account controls, encryption, two-factor authentication 

$5/user/month to $47/user/month 


5TB or unlimited 

Office 365, Gmail, others 

Account control, audit logs 

$12.50/user/month to $25/user/month 

Google Drive 

15 GB free, additional space for monthly fee 

Google Docs Sheets Presentation, Google Chrome 

Accounts can set user permissions 

100 GB @ $2/month up to 30 TB for $300/month 


Office 365 (OneDrive/Sharepoint) 

5 GB free, 1 TB per user

Microsoft Office 365 included, seamless integration with windows explorer 

Encryption, account controls and data loss prevention 

Audit logs 

$5 or $10 /user/month, or included in Microsoft 365 

One Hub 

1 TB or Unlimited 


robust permission controls and bank-level data encryption, Audit Logs 

$12.50/user/month up to $500 /month 


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