Fundamentals of Radio Course

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New for August 2019: Professor David Ricketts teaches at North Carolina State University, and he has posted a set of short (~10 minute) videos on radio fundamentals. He starts out with this video on Time versus Frequency Domains:

Time versus Frequency Domains

Want to become a radio expert?  Check out Professor Ricketts' YouTube channel at  As of August 2019, his Radio System Design playlist features over 50 videos describing topics such as double amplitude, phase and frequency modulation, phase shift key, quadrature amplitude modulation, code division multiple access and more! 

If you attend European Microwave or IMS, look for David Ricketts course, "From Bits to Waves".  Here, you and the rest of the class will build a modern digital radio in one day.  Check out the video explanation below:

Want to learn more about Professor Ricketts and NCSU?  You can visit his web page at




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