Greek letters in microwave engineering

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On this page we provide a table of Greek letters, showing common usage in the field of microwave engineering. Surely we overlooked some Greek letter usage in microwaves, please send us your updates.

But first a little history of Microwaves101... when we first started putting pages up, we used an older version of Dreamweaver. It used HTML version 3, which had a serious handicap. It didn't have Greek letters. So we created our own, and pasted them in as images. In February 2013 we finally updated this table, using html code, so we can add live links.

Here is a master source for html symbol codes.

Letter name Upper case Use in microwave engineering Lower case Use in microwave engineering
Alpha Α   α attenuation constant of propagation constant, absorption factor,
temperature coefficient of resistance, thermal expansion coefficient,
transistor amplification factor
Beta Β   β phase constant of propagation constant. transistor amplification factor
Gamma Γ reflection coefficient γ propagation constant
γ =(α+ jβ)
Delta Δ difference port (monopulse network or rat race) δ skin depth, increment
Epsilon Ε   ε permittivity, base of natural logarithms (2.7128...)
Zeta Ζ   ζ  
Eta Η   η efficiency or impedance, η0 is the impedance of free space (376.7 ohms)
Theta Θ   θ phase angle, thermal resistance, azimuth in antenna measurement coordinate system
Iota Ι   ι  
Kappa Κ   κ coupling coefficient, susceptibility
Lambda Λ   λ wavelength
Mu Μ   μ prefix for "micro", or permeability, mobility
Nu Ν   ν reflectivity
Xi Ξ   ξ  
Omicron Ο   ο  
Pi Π   π 3.14159...
Rho Ρ   ρ magnitude of reflection coefficient, electric charge density, resistivity, radius
Sigma Σ sum port (monopulse or rat race) σ VSWR, conductivity, surface charge, radar cross section
Tau Τ   τ time constant (i.e. RxC)
Upsilon Υ   υ admittance
Phi Φ   φ phase angle, roll in antenna measurement coordinate system
Chi Χ   χ angle
Psi Ψ   ψ angle
Omega Ω ohms ω angular frequency in radians/second

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