Heat and temperature effects

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Heating of electronics should be taken very seriously. Bad designs have started their fair share of fires. Remember there's people who'll have to clean up your mistakes. Do your best not to ruin their day!

This is a page ties together a lot of information on temperature measurements, heating analysis, etc.

Heat and temperature are two enemies of electronics, as evidenced by many of the pictures in the Microwave Mortuary. But heat is a love/hate relationship in microwaves, as you know microwaves are used for heating applications. There are microwave tubes that require heat to operate, and there are oscillators that have to be oven controlled to stabilize. Heat and temperature are important parts of microwave engineering. 

Here's a list of our heat topics:

Temperature variable attenuators (new for May 2020)

Amplifier temperature compensation example (new for March 2022)

Capacitor temperature effects (new for January 2019)

Microwave auditory effect

Fourier's Law 

Modeling temperature effects on S-parameters

Temperature coefficient of resistance

Temperature sensors




Current source transducers

Infrared transducers

Change-of-state devices

Thermodynamics, laws of

Thermal analysis

Steady-state heat analysis

Transient analysis


Heating with microwaves

Microwave toilet

Thermo-electric coolers

Microwave tubes



Thermal expansion

Low-expansion alloys

Thermal conductivity


High-temperature superconductors

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