High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics

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High temperature co-fired ceramics differ from their low-temperature cousins, because their firing temperature of greater than 1500C restricts the types of metalizations that can be co-fired. If gold or silver were co-fired at 1500C, they would melt and run off the ceramic. Thus only "refractory" metals are co-fired above 1000C, such as tungsten, manganese, and molybdenum. These metals all have one thing in common: their resistivity is high. This means than metal losses in HTCC circuits at high-frequencies can be severe.

HTCC can easily provide hermeticity, unlike LTCC. It was used in many module packages, including the RF/DC feedthroughs on many, many airborne TR modules. Unfortunately, we can't show you a picture, because the subject is ITAR restricted.


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