I-Q Mixers

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New for December 2020. I-Q (in-phase and quadrature) mixers are four-port devices formed using two identical mixers.  An in-phase combiner is used to couple to the two RF ports, and a quadrature combiner is used to coherently drive the LO two ports.  There are two IF ports that allow separate data transmission in two RF sidebands.  I-Q mixers can be modified for use in single-sideband (SSB) or image reject (IR) mixers.

In the video below, Doug Jorgeson explains the difference between single-sideband mixers (SSM), image reject mixers (IRM) and in-phase/quadrature (IQ) mixers.  Then he dives into I-Q mixers.  If you are looking for more mixer info, we suggest that you find Marki's website, we will never be able to compete with them on this topic.

Marki Microwave's Doug Jorgeson explains the difference between mixer types

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