IEEE Journal of Microwaves

There's a new journal available called the IEEE Journal of Microwaves.   "JMW" is described as a new, high impact technical journal covering the whole of the microwave field.  That's a pretty broad range (!) but from the table of contents, it looks like this journal will certainly cover many different topics. 

It's being released as an open access journal, which means that although it is part of the extensive IEEExplore library, you do NOT need a subscription to that library in order to read the articles.  You don't even need to be a member of IEEE!

This journal is targeted at a wide audience and includes both technical research articles and general interest features that are accessible to readers at all expertise levels. Every issue will have a couple of special features:

  • Microwave Pioneers which highlights the life and contributions of notable members of the microwave science and engineering communities, both academic and industry based
  • Microwaves are Everywhere, which provides an in depth look at microwaves in unique and interesting applications and disciplines
  • Breakthroughs in Microwaves, with interviews and background on hot new microwave research areas and the researchers who are making them happen
  • Women in Microwaves, which features an in-depth interview with a notable female member of the microwave community, with the goal of motivating and recruiting young women deciding on a career path

The inaugural release of IEEE Journal of Microwaves (Winter 2021) contains 42 articles covering a broad swath of microwave science, technology and applications.  The Microwave Pioneer in this issue is on 2006 Nobel Laureate, John Mather and the Microwaves are Everywhere special feature is all about the Cosmic Microwave Background.  There is also a biographical account of Carver Mead’s invention and demonstration of the first majority carrier microwave transistor and a very entertaining introduction to the included 5G and 6G articles by popular author Tom Lewis (Empire of the Air) called “On the Shoulders of Giants: Reflections on the Creators and Uses of Radio.”

You can download a fully linked Table of Contents, and click around to your heart's content, OR you can click here to get a free print copy of the 512 page, full color, archival quality, Inaugural issue of IEEE Journal of Microwaves mailed directly to you.

Want more?  The Spring release (Volume 1, Issue 2) of IEEE Journal of Microwaves is now available for general viewing and downloads. This latest issue continues invited overview and review articles as well as providing the first Breakthroughs in Microwaves feature article “Increasing Signal Strength in Swarms of Wireless Sensors - An Interview with Aydin Babakhani.” The Pioneer piece is on noted RF over Fiber inventor, Kam Lau: “uWaves Meet Photons,” and the Microwaves are Everywhere article is entitled: “Microwave Ovens, From Magnetrons to Metamaterials.” There are also 11 additional wide ranging research articles of general interest to all.

The 2021 Summer issue will released by July 15th, and papers for JMW that are ready before the formal release of the bundled issues can be viewed on IEEE Early Access, here.  Here are just a few examples:

Microwaves are Everywhere article on the CMB

Microwaves are Everywhere article on Microwave Ovens

Breakthroughs in Microwaves article on Babakhani and Microwave Swarms

Pioneer article on Nobel Laureate John Mather (cosmic microwave background)

Pioneeer article on Carver Meade and the first microwave transistor

Pioneer article on Kam Lau (microwaves over fiber and the CATV revolution)

Our most popular article to date (downloaded 8000 times) on RF power beaming

The preface to a book on the history of Radio by popular author Tom Lewis-On the Shoulders of Giants

Whew! You can keep up with all of the newest articles and special features at any time by checking out :


If you are a potential author and would like to contribute an article to the journal, you can check out the Author information page, with instructions, templates and content and style guides.


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