Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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New for May 2011! Located across the Charles river from Harvard, MIT is one of the original technical colleges. It was home of the Rad Lab during World War II.

Dr. Dana Weinstein's group can be found here:

We copied this description from their web site (hope they don't mind!)

Our research group focuses on the development of hybrid MEMS-IC devices for low-power wireless communication, microprocessor clocking, and sensor applications. In particular, we are working to harness the benefits of acoustic vibrations to enhance the performance of next-generation electron devices.

We are also pursuing the integration of such hybrid devices into CMOS-based systems, including low-power, narrow-bandwidth low noise amplifiers for transceivers and low phase-noise oscillator arrays for clock generation and temperature sensing in microprocessors.

The group is doing some cutting edge acoustic resonance devices in silicon, and the students have published many papers which you can see here.

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