Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Located across the Charles river from Harvard, MIT is one of the original technical colleges. It was home of the Rad Lab during World War II.  Nowadays, most of their RF work falls under their Lincoln Laboratory group, with Dr. Jeffrey Herd Group Leader of Advanced RF Technologies. 

Dr. Jeffrey S. Herd, MIT Lincoln Labs RF Group

Dr. Herd (like our own Unknown Editor) has graduate degrees from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

From the MIT Lincoln Laboratory RF Group website:

We develop RF technologies that improve the nation's radar, communications, and electronic warfare capabilities. Our efforts range from early-stage research into materials and components for RF systems to complete RF system development. Over the past decade, we have pioneered low-cost panel-based phased array technology, and today we are fielding this technology to provide the FAA and NOAA with one radar system that can perform both weather and aircraft surveillance. We are lowering the power needs, size, and weight of RF components through novel system-on-chip technology, enabling systems for increasingly small platforms like unmanned aerial vehicles and nanosatellites. Recently, we've innovated a phased array architecture that allows side-by-side transmitters and receivers to operate simultaneously without suffering from self-interference, overcoming a longstanding limitation of RF systems.

Author : Unknown Editor