Microwave Imaging

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New for November 2011! This page was put up by request of a microwave engineering student from Iran. We don't have much content on microwave imaging, but perhaps we can attract some!

Microwave imaging is a very broad topic.

Imaging for security

Microwave imaging is a growing field, it is used in airports throughout the world in concert with other security measures such as metal detection and baggage X-ray.

There are principally two type of imagers, passive and active. Passive uses "natural" radiation from people to take a peek, while active illuminates the subject with RF energy and examines the backscatter.

Imagers in airports can be handheld, or full-body.

There is controversy surrounding the ability of imagers to see beneath clothing. However, the quality of the image makes it a poor substitute for pornography, and your image is not really identifiable, so quit your whining and do what the nice officer says. It takes a few seconds to gather and process the RF energy, be sure to hold still!

Back on June 25, 2003, TSA security lab director Susan Hallowell allowed her body to be scanned by an early version of the backscatter system. This one image set the industry back five years! Now full body scanners are deployed at many airports, it has become part of routine screening.

Microwave Imaging

Scan of Susan Hallowell with hidden weapons


Microwave Imaging

Photo of Director Hallowell showing the hidden weapon.








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