Microwave Market Research

New for July 2020: market research can be invaluable to company leadership, to make good decisions on product research, and in mergers and acquisitions. But there is quite a lot of bologna floating around the ol' world wide web.

A few years back, Express Journal published a report identifying the next big players in the "Global T/R Module Market" - including:

  • Kyocera
  • Nuvotronics
  • Nanowave Technologies
  • Keysight Technologies
  • TR Manufacturing LLC
  • Textron Systems
  • Pitow
  • Aethercomm and Thales

Don't embarrass your boss by asking she purchased such valuable information... but please know that it is all BS.

For example, TR Manufacturing LLC is a subsidiary of Corning. They don't make TR modules, but maybe they could sell you a cable with some fiber in it. Nanowave Technologies employs 240 people in Canada, not exactly a big player. Keysight is a test equipment company. The only thing these companies probably have in common is that at some point they had the words "TR" and "module"  on their web sites and some bot scraped it up. Once that "market research" is out there, it self-propagates. There are currently 1480 hits if you Google "Nuvotronics TR Module Market Research".

You can keep up on the Global TR Module Market by doing a Google Alert on the keywords, if you have nothing better to do. Then you will be notified every time another bot picks up the "research", puts it on a page with some ads to try to generate some traffic. It's just a matter of time before this very Microwaves101 page generates a Google Alert on the topic, when that happens, we'll be sure to pass on that good news to our readers.

Speaking of BS, here's an article on how BS can take on a life of its own at a company


Author : Unknown Editor