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Jeez, we really hate to get "corporate" here, but some things need to be spelled out. Here's our mission:

1. There is a huge amount of microwave engineering information out there. Somebody needs to put the best of it into one place for everyone to access without wasting hours using a search engine. That's us, that's why we're here, working on Microwaves101, every day.

2. Paper textbooks grow out of date as soon as they are printed. An encyclopedia of knowledge on the world-wide web can be updated every day, like Clyde McPhatter's Treasure of Love, it never grows old. It's a beautiful thing!

3. Yes, we do put stuff up "before it's ready". We find it convenient to edit stuff on line. If a page is messed up it will contain sufficient warnings. Maybe you can help by supplying missing content?

4. The content on Microwaves101 is described by the following mix:

Useful microwave information - 60%
Humor, musical references, links to Youtube videos and other foolishness- 20%
Historical stuff - 15%
Advertising - 2% (but we wish it was more!)

The remainder of 3% is stuff we've misplaced... and thanks to Slav for checking our math!

5. Engineers are cheapskates and they work for cheapskate companies. They would never use this site if we tried to charge them. So we don't. Microwaves101 is free for everyone!

6. While we're on the subject of our users, we respect every reader's privacy. We don't force you to fill out surveys or other nonsense, which reveal your personal information. You are as anonymous as you want to be, if you are just visiting, asking a question on our message board, or contacting us for additional information. For those of you who sign up for our newsletter: don't worry, we will never sell your information to any other entity. We promise spam-free, and we mean it.

7. We are here to help. If you can't get a response on the message board, send a question directly to the Unknown Editor at UE@microwaves101.com. He's a busy dude but he will try to get back to you in a few days. Feel free to send a second email if you don't get a response, sometimes we lose messages among the hundreds of spam emails we receive each day. Hint: put a microwave topic in the title, like "Help me with circulators". If you send an email with no title, chances are no one will ever read it.

8. In order to make all this work, some people have to pay for it. These people are called sponsors. They pay for advertising on the site, and contribute technical content on their area of expertise. Please visit their web sites, and contact them for more information on their topics, and products!

9. If we don't like a vendor or a product, we will tell you so. No trade rag has ever made that promise.

10. On-line content provided by vendors is useful technical information, not cheesy product releases. Attention suppliers: please don't send us any product release notes, there are many other outlets for this type of advertising.

11. Unlike many (if not most) other web sites, we never pop up any advertisements, and very rarely pop up any of our own pages. The browser window you opened Microwaves101 with won't multiply, and when we lead you to a vendor's site, you leave our site. They might use pop ups, but that's out of our control.

12. Although we have been known to use some politically incorrect humor, you will never find anything here that is patently offensive or pornographic, nor would we ever link to anything like that. But if you can't take a joke, maybe you can find a more professional microwaves web site, or develop one yourself.

That's the Top Ten (with two to spare) of our mission statement, which is subject to change by the hour. Now do you get it?

- The Management of Microwaves101


Author : Unknown Editor