Mixer Mess!

This material was contributed by Graham from across the big pond!

We pulled it into our pages so that you can still get to the other encylopedia articles, and so that we could properly index this fine piece of work. We had to change some of the navigation links, but other than that, it is exactly how Graham created it.

Page 1 Special Mixer Mess (description of the problem)

Page 2 - Spectrum Analyser Mixer Dissection - Taking things apart

Page 3 - Spectrum Analyser Mixer Dissection - A closer look

Page 4 - Spectrum Analyser Mixer Dissection - Oh Yes - it is still full of surprises!

Page 5 - Spectrum Analyser Mixer Dissection - How it ended up

How We Finally Got it Right (and all the secrets too!)

The Result - Performance Traces

Some (not so good) Traces

Author : Unknown Editor