Navy Electricity and Electronics Series

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NEETS stands for Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, and is part of the larger Nonresident Training Course (NRTC) series, which was released in September 1998. These are the works the Naval Education and training Professional Development and Technology Center, with many authors for each volume. Thank you, sirs! This page was suggested by Steve G, we thank him as well!

These volumes are approved for public access. If you find someone trying to sell them on the worldwide web, just ignore them. Some of these files are quite large, the sizes in megabytes are as noted. We've only posted the material that is most relevant to microwave engineering, but if we get a few requests, we'll post the entire series.

NAVEDTRA 12061 Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses, (0.6 MB, 109 pages) (this is the index)

NAVEDTRA 14182 NEETS Module 10, Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines and Antennas, (2.4 MB, 276 pages)

NAVEDTRA 14183 NEETS Module 11, Microwave Principles, (3.6 MB, 192 pages)

NAVEDTRA 14184 NEETS Module 12, Modulation, (1.7 MB, 230 pages)

NAVEDTRA 14189 NEETS Module 17, Radio-Frequency Communication Principles, (5.6 MB, 201 pages)

NAVEDTRA 14190 NEETS Module 18, Radar Principles (1.7 MB, 204 pages)

NAVEDTRA 14191 NEETS Module 19, The Technicians Handbook, (1.3 MB, 156 pages) New for May 2008 thanks to Steve M!


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