Noise figure measurement on a VNA!

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New for August 2022. This month we have posted a video on how noise figure is measured on a Keysight PNA-X vector network analyzer, presented by Dave Ballo. If you are new to microwave engineering, you have no idea how much easier microwave measurements are today than just a few years ago. The PNA-X can measure S-parameters, noise figure, third-order intercept and gain compression, all in one unit.  That literally used to take a full rack of equipment!  For noise figure measurements the PNA-X uses a cold source approach, as opposed to Y-factor method.  We'll attempt an explanation of these methods at a later time... When you are done watching the video, go on a Google treasure hunt for Keysight application note 1402-20, "High-Accuracy Noise Figure Measurements Using the PNA-X Series Network Analyzer" for more information.

What does such an instrument cost? It depends on all the options you bundle, but it could run a half-million dollars. Good luck getting your management to cough that up!

Dave has quite an impressive mustache, not quite as much as Glenn Hughes, the "leather-man" of the Village People, certainly deserving of an honorable mention.


Measuring noise figure on a PNA-X

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