Owen Splitter Example #1

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New for December 2007! Kerry lives in Australia, retired from a non-electronics job to become an amateur RF/microwave experimenter and has built up his own RF lab that most small companies would be jealous of (including this one!) He built an equal split two-way Owen splitter based on the information we supplied on our original Owen splitter page. This is information available nowhere else, bwa-hah-hah!

Let's let Kerry describe his splitter himself:

I used SMD resistors & microstrip on G-10 board so should be good for 1 GHz or so; plenty for me. The case is a useful one, once made in Australia but no longer available; I bought a boxful of them from the manufacturer and use them for small things;

I just used the values shown in the schematic that Chris supplied and is on the M101 page; he shows 68R & 100R, 10 dB loss and 19 dB isolation.


Here are the innards: (click on the photo for a closeup view!)


Not, perhaps, my most elegant production but it is only intended for sub-microwave frequencies (up to a few-100 MHz).

If I’d wanted a microwave one I would have used SMAs, Duroid and a bit more care in the layout! :)

The case holes for the BNCs are tapped; 3/8” UNEF is not common in Australia but I got a tap from a great Aussie firm, Suttons. I milled spanner-flats on the BNCs; 10 mm AF. I made 2.5 mm spacers on the lathe to fit under them. The machining work was done with my mini-lathe and my mini-mill.




Author : Kerry