Power density calculation

This page is in response to a question about calculating the power density of a microwave FET (or HEMT). We'll "integrate" this page into the encyclopedia eventually. This is a great question, a lot of junior and senior people get confused on.


The unit of power density is W/mm, which length is the power divided by to get power density? Is it power/(channel length) or power/(transistor width)?


Use the total transistor "periphery" in the calculation. Example: Four finger device, 80 micron unit gate fingers, 0.5 um gate length, puts out 1 watt.

Power density is 1/(4x80um*0.001mm/um)=3.125W/mm

Note that you could doe the calculation in mW/um and come up with the same answer in the same units:

Power density is 1000/(4x80um)=3.125W/mm

The 0.5um gate length does not enter the equation!



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