Repairing corrupt S2P files

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New for December 2021.  How many times have you incorporated Touchstone-compatible S-parameters (so-called SNP files) into ADS or MWO and found that the files does not respond due to some simple formatting error?

We use Microwave Office's "SData Conversion" file to fix a lot of problems.  In the past we have found that it is hard to find, and we suspect that due to mergers and website redesigns it often gets lost in the shuffle. We don't want to steal it from them, we just want to offer a link to it on the AWD/Cadence web site. Here it is:

It is described on this AWR web page.  "kb" in this case means knowledge base.

If these links ever break, please let us know and we will fix them!

Supposedly it handles files with up to nine ports, and noise parameters (if included) but we have only used it on two-port data,

Thanks to Microwave Office for offering this software tool to all of us!



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