Single-sideband mixers

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New for December 2020. As you should know, up-converting mixers take two signals and (ideally) create a pair of signals at their sum and difference frequencies. Often, you only want one of those products, and you need to get rid of the other. Using SSBs will allow you to eliminate the need for a narrow-band filter to take out the unwanted sideband, or at least allow you to reduce the filter to a more-manageable specification.  Single-sideband mixers are the up-converter equivalent of image reject mixers use in down-conversion

In the video below, Doug Jorgeson explains the difference between single-sideband mixers (SSM), image reject mixers (IRM) and in-phase/quadrature (IQ) mixers.. If you are looking for mixer info, we suggest that you find Marki's website, we will never be able to compete with them on this topic.


Marki Microwave's Doug Jorgeson explains the difference betwen mixer types

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