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867-5307 Jenny by Tommy TuTone (1981)

Thanks to John for this suggestion.  We can't beleive we missed it in the first place!



Hot Line (for your love) by the Sylvers, 1976

The Sylvers were a family group from Los Angelos area. The family had 10 children, of which nine participated on the group over the years. They were basically brought up in front a TV camera. When they were little, they had a calyspso group called The Little Angels, which is worth a look. Here are seven Sylvers on Groucho Marx' You Bet Your Life, in 1959 with their parents, singing "Go For". The oldest singer , Olympia, is just seven years old.  Dad wins $2000 by hitting all of the correct answers. Bravo! Groucho jokes that now they can afford an eighth child, what a dick.  Here they are on the Danny Thomas Show in 1961, a much more polished performance.

Hot Line hit #3 on the Billboard chart in 1976. The same year, they had a number one hit, with Boogie Fever.



Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Sylvias' Mother, 1972

A story about a real phone call

Big Bopper, Chanitilly Lace, 1958

This song is ostensibly performed over a telephone call. Jiles Perry Richardson Jr.  died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 at the age of 28, known as the Day The Music Died.

Andrews Sisters, Pennsylvania 6 5000

This one was a sure bet to get Grandpa out on the dance floor at your 1984 wedding. Or maybe not.


Blondie, Call me

Repeat this to yourself five times slowly..

Blondie is the group

Debbie Harry is the singer


Jim Croce, Operator


Bye Bye Birdie musical number

The bad thing about this clip is that you only get to admire Ann Margaret for a few seconds. She was such a star, she even made a cameo on the Flintstones!



Jeff Lynns' ELO, Telephone Line

why is the group called "Jeff Lynne's ELO"? because its his group dammit!


Chuck Berry and Johnny Rivers, Memphis

This song was written and first performed by Chuck Berry.  It is teh saddest song on this page, if you want to think about that.

Here is the Rivers version, you cannot argue that he nailed a great rendition. In the video he is of course lip synching... You can still hit the Whiskey A-Go-Go, on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, where Johnny Rivers once played in the house band. Here is their current calendar.



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