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Professor Reena Dahle, SUNY New Paltz.  Read more about (and contribute!) women in microwave engineering here.

State University of New Paltz is a regional liberal arts college, founded in 1928.  It is located off the New York Thruway, home of the Frankenplow, an engineering marvel that keeps traffic flowing even in a blizzard.  New Paltz is a small city 80 miles north of Manhattan, and maybe just a few miles from where Rip Van Winkle fell asleep for 20 years more than two centuries ago. Just a few miles south and east you will find Global Foundries Fab 10, which processes 300mm silicon wafers at the 28nm node.

Why consider a regional college for a career in engineering?  It's a bargain, at less than $8K for in-state tuition.  US News and World Report ranks it #20 out of 195 in regional colleges in the United States North East region.  You will meet students from diverse backgrounds;  This school has 900 international students attending from 52 countries, out of a total enrollment of ~8000.  Here's something you don't see at an engineering school: enrollment is 62% women.  That's a good thing, especially for female students considering STEM careers.  Join the WISE group, and represent and support women in science and engineering.

Professor Reena Dahle asks, What will you become?

As for microwave studies, you will learn practical application of theory, with hands-on fabrication, assembly and test of microwave circuits.   Here is a description of the microwave fundamentals course:

 And here is a description of the microwave circuits laboratory:

Thanks to Professor Dahle for all this info.

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