Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

New for April 2020.  While we wait for our own table on this page, here's a link to another site that has some TCR data:


Coming soon: modeling transmission lines (such as cables) over temperature)... say, why not add temperature as a variable to our coax and waveguide spreadsheets in the download area?  Hmmm.

Here's a page on Gore's web site that deals with cable loss over temperature.


Question: why isn't temperature variation built into linear analysis EDA software? Answer: most engineers ignore temperature variations, so they don't ask for this capability. Did you ever enquire about temperature coefficients for Modelithics' models? You already know the answer.

Maybe someone should write a book on temperature variations in microwave circuits. Let us know when you want to license some of the content from Microwaves101 if you are considering this.

Author : Unknown Editor