Torque Wrench

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This page will tell you a little about torque wrenches.

Torque wrenches play a big part in laboratory and production line at any microwave company. Torque is a measurement of twisting force, in units of distance x force. In American labs, inch-lbs are the units of choice, while in Europe it is Newton-meters. To get Newton-meters from inch-lbs, multiple by 0.113.

The correct way to use a torque wrench is to hold it near the end of the handle, and apply torque just until you feel the click. If you hold it low on the handle you could apply too much torque.

Torque Wrench

5/16 inch torque wrench for SMA

Torque wrench story: at a major, unionized defense contractor, you can tell when the collective bargaining agreement is not going well, by the number of torque wrenches that are dropped! It is a requirement that a dropped torque wrench has to go back to calibration, so if you drop them all, production stops!

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