Transmission line tool

This tool was contributed by Lakshmi Nair, a student at NITT, during October 2013. Thanks! You can get a free copy of the tool in our download area.

Calculation of basic Parameters of Transmission Lines: Microstrip, Coupled Stripline and Co-planar Lines

We have developed a tool using Matlab which calculates the basic parameters of transmission lines like microstrip, coupled stripline and coplanar lines and also gives a pictorial representation of the same.

Here is the menu you will see when you run the tool:

This tool helps ease the process of calculating transmission line parameters. For each transmission line, enter the desired specifications to display the required parameters and view a pictorial representation of the completed transmission line. The transmission lines whose parameters can be computed using this tool are:


Calculates the width of the strip to be fabricated over the dielectric substrate from inputs of characteristic impedance and substrate dielectric constant. Wheeler’s curve equations have been used to calculate the strip width. Click on the images below to reveal more of the user interface.

Coupled stripline

Calculates the strip width and distance of separation for two types of coupled striplines, namely, edge-coupled and broadside-coupled stripline. The program receives inputs of characteristic impedance and substrate dielectric constant, from the user.

Edge coupled

Broadside coupled

Coplanar strip

Calculates separation distance for strips to be fabricated on the dielectric substrate using the width of the strip.





Author : Lakshmi Nair