University of Califonia San Diego

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UCSD is a powerhouse in RFIC development. At the 2009 IEEE RFIC symposium, UCSD had the most papers of any organization.

Professor Gabe Rebeiz is one of their most published professors, his students are some of the best and brightest. Consider hiring one if your company can muster a six-figure salary!

We copied this information from his faculty profile:

University of Califonia San Diego

Professor Rebeiz's expertise includes active and passive sensor systems (including thermal imagers), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) for RF applications, design of radio frequency/microwave/millimeter-wave systems, phased arrays, imaging arrays, planar antennas, microwave filters and passive components, monopulse tracking systems and radars, and collision avoidance systems for automotive applications.

Dr. Daniel Sievenpiper recently joined UCSD, he is the father of EBG surfaces!

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