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The name Oklahoma is from Choktaw language for "Red Man", as the state was once was part of the U.S. Indian Terratories.  It is situated at the confluence of three climate systems: hot/dry (US southwest), humid (US southeast) and cold (US northern plains), which sets it up as ground zero for tornados.  There are 66 tornados averaged per year in Oklahoma! Okies are known for optimism and entrepreneurial spirit, and faculty and students at University of Oklahoma have been working on perfecting weather radar to provide longer warning times to citizens. Speaking of citizens, Darla Hood and Cassandra Peterson were both born in Oklahoma.

New for August 2018: we now have a page on cylindrlcal phased arrays... OU is a leader in this area of research.

This information came from OU graduate research assistant Lukasz... thanks!

OU historically had a major meteorology program supported by among others a weather radar research. Over time the radar program grew and many faculty members were hired as a part of Strategic Radar Initiative started in 2003. Recently (about two years ago) the radar program at OU was taken even further and another few young and ambitious faculty members were hired with the intention to extend the radar research to include also DoD and other applications. A university group called Atmospheric Radar Research Center was initiated, which recently have been renamed to Advanced Radar Research Center in order to include some of our new research goals. In December 2013 we are expecting to move into our new building that will feature many microwave equipment, micro-fabrication lab, anechoic chambers etc. More information about the faculty and the center on its own can be found at:

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At OU you can study weather radar like your life depended on it.


OU's Radar Innovations Lab dominates the field...


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