University of Texas El Paso

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New for May 2020.  El Paso is a border town with sister city Juárez Mexico, home to 2.7M people.  According to Wikipedia this borderplex is the second largest bilingual, binational work force in the Western Hemisphere. You might recognize one of El Paso's most famous citizens, Beto O'Rourke, running for US Senate or President.

It's also the home of University of Texas El Paso, where they have a lab that specializes in electromagnetics and photonics.  Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf is the director of the EM Lab at UTEP.

Dr. Rumpf in his lab, photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre / UTEP Communications

In addition to his work in microwaves, he helped us with an animation on the COVID-19 pandemic, here.  Thank you, Dr. Rumpf!

Here's a link to the UTEP EM lab where research includes additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal and dielectrics at the same time, in any orientation:


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