Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at IMS2018 in Philadelphia. This year, in addition to our free candy selection, we shared copies of a Philadelphia walking map with highlights selected by the UE himself, and gave away 100 miniature versions of the thirteen-star American flag that may or may not have been sewn by Betsy Ross, whose house/museum is just a few short blocks away from the convention center. Hopefully you at least scored a new pen, available in a variety of neon colors. And of course, we were showing off the Microwaves101 site on a variety of devices, large and small. We had a blast, and hope you did too.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city, with both old and new architecture piled on top of each other. 

We managed to get out of the convention center a little bit, hitting the welcome reception at the Reading Terminal, which featured an authentic Mummers band! Not near as fancy as the band in the clip below, but they did play Golden Slippers with every bit as much enthusiasm. Sadly, I don't think the average IMS visitor has any idea what a Mummer is...

Oh, dem Golden Slippers!

We attended the Women in Microwaves reception at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts, and of course, the NI/AWR party at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Did you all see the crashed airplane in the alley just a few blocks from the convention center? 


Ok, it isn't really crashed, it's an art installation called "Grumman Greenhouse" by Jordan Griska. They've got all kinds of plants growing inside there, and any vegetables they produce go to a food program for families in need.

Here's a fairly new (2017) statue of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, just hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the Masonic Hall.  Yes, they were both "brothers."


We had a great time in Philadelphia, and we're really looking forward to IMS 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. It will be kind of like a homecoming, as that's near where the Unknown Editor started his microwaves career.  See you there?


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