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May 23, 2017
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Microwave Encyclopedia

Our searchable on-line microwave encyclopedia predates Wikipedia and offers something you won't find there: an index of over 500 separate pages of our own content. Something missing or incorrect? Show how much you know by telling us about it.

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Here you’ll find Excel spreadsheets for complicated analyses plus some great public domain documents. Have something to share? Send it in and we'll consider posting it.


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Microwave Acronyms

Hundreds of industry acronyms are explained here. We’ve got them all.

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Microwave Hall of Fame

Here's an introduction to some of the innovators upon whose broad shoulders you stand when you work in the microwave industry.

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Microwave Mortuary

A collection of microwave technology failures, mistakes and oddities sent in to us by your peers.



This is a list of other web sites with good microwave engineering content.


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Understanding IP2
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: The Basics
The opening "theme" sounds like it was produced by Brian Eno, the composer of Microsoft start-up music and other ambient sounds - The Unknown Editor
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class A, AB and B
MMIC Planar Spiral Balun Design using Keysight ADS
How to Design RF and Microwave Impedance Matching Networks
Simulating Distortion of QAM-256 Signals by GaN PAs
Microwave laminate pcb design
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class F
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class E
A 28GHz, 4-channel Phase Adjustable Power Amplifier IC for 5G front-ends
I particularly like the idea of a power amp with a built-in phase shifter, there is more than one application for this - Unknown Editor
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class E
15GHz Point to Point GaN PA MMIC
How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class J

Discussion Board

Join the international conversation on a broad range of microwave and RF topics. Learn about the latest developments in our industry and post questions for your peers to answer.

The Unknown Editor

Modes, the Secret Playground of Engineers

Modes are an interesting, secret playground of engineers.  It seems like the idea of modes could be explained to first graders on a playground with a jump rope, but teachers in the US are probably too busy trying to make ends meet. Simply put, modes are naturally occurring motion or wave patterns (often sinusoidal) that are constrained to boundary conditions. A drummer can make at least  two distinct tones out of a drum based on where he strikes it. In the first image below, the drum is struck in the center, and the center vibrates up and down at the fundamental frequency. The perimeter of the drum head is constrained and thus is a zero crossing on any sine wave you can envision across the drum head...


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Rules of Thumb

Sometimes complex behavior can be interpreted in three seconds if you are familiar with our Rules of Thumb. A microwave Rules of Thumb could be an inexact but notable relationship of one or more design parameters with performance, or it could just be an easy way to remember something that other, lesser people often mix up.



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