June 2019

Lobsta Mania!


Welcome to IMS Boston 2019!

In honor of being back in the Bay State, Microwaves101 will offer stuffed lobsters ("lobstas" in the Boston accent) to all who stop by the booth.  Not the Food Network kind, the other kind.  You will will have to sign the adoption papers which requires your email address... We branded the lobstas with Microwaves101 bandanas, please have the decency to wait until you are out of sight from our booth before you discard it lke Steinbeck's Chysanthemums..

And we'd appreciate it if you took a picture of your happy lobster when you get home, and send it back to us. We'll even have a contest to see who travels the furthest with their lobster, with a cash prize that will buy the winner a lovely stuffed lobster of the other kind (or whatever you want to buy).  To inspire you, we recently took the Silvaco Stuffie on a road trip through rural Minnesota and South Dakota. We snapped this photo at the World's Largest Ball of Twine Made by One Man.  

There are three colors of lobster, and they each have names so you won't have to spend precious time pondering what to call your new pet.

Red: Hippo

Blue: Rock

Orange: Joy Boy

Below, some explanation as to what part of Pop Culture these Lobsta names came from.  Each of them is memorialized in a song. And we offer an bonus Pop Culture reference.... the Schwab Lobsta!.

Zorak meets Hippo

The Brak Show  appeared on the Cartoon Network from 2001-2003.  Brak is like an alien version of Beaver Cleaver in the Leave it to Beaver show. Yeah, you probably never heard of that.... Zorak is evil but Brak thinks of him as his friend.  Watch below to see how much Zorak likes stuffed toys...

Zorak meets Hippo

Later on in the same episode, Hippo has his own TV show, with a catchy tune:

Show us your garbage, show us your trash, and if Hippo likes it, you'll win some cash.

Shwo us your garbage, ready to go, it's time to meet the star of our show.

Here's Hippo, here's Hippo, he's a hell of a guy!

Show us Your Garbage starring Hippo

Rock Lobster

This is the B52s' signature song from 1978, with absurd noises by by Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. It's in the same key as Beethovan's Moonlight Sonata and Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu, C-sharp minor, an excellent choice. Here are  the key lyrics:

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn't a rock
It was a rock lobster

Rock Lobster by the B52s


The Loved One is a comedy-tragedy by the great satiricist Evelyn Waugh.  Waugh had written Brideshead Revisited in 1945, and made a trip to Hollywood to discuss making that novel into a movie with MGM. He asked for his expenses up front; it is beileved that he had no intention of following through. The movie project died, but he used part of his time in Hollywood to visit Forest Lawn Cemetery. Waugh was pretty much horrified by everything American, and he crafted his feelings into The Love One, published in 1948.  Waugh died in 1965, and his book was made into a movie, released the same year. The movie was billed by MGM as having "Something to Offend Everybody" and it delivers (see trailer here).  If you see the movie, read the book and vice-versa; there are some unique parts to each that you don't want to miss. In the scene below, Joyboy (lead mortician at Whispering Glades) is courting Amy Thanotogenis (a cosmetician), by inviting her to meet "Mama". It does not go well. Rod Steiger should have won an Oscar, so should Anjanette Comer.  I have never met anyone that does not like this film.

Amy meets Mr. Joyboy's Mom

Joyboy dances and sings a song... about Lobsters:

Momma's little Joyboy wants lobsters, lobsters

Momma's little joyboy wants lobsters for Mom

And then it gets a little dark.

OJ and Stiggs

This is a movie that 9 out 10 people hate. I am a fan, perhaps because I remember the National Lampoon stories that it was based on, which are NSFW.  OC (Oliver Cromwell) and Stiggs exist only to torture the Schwab family by doing things like calling Africa on the Schwab Lobster Phone to run up the phone bill.  This is certainly politically incorrect by today's standards, but in their defense, there was actually a King Bongo in Africa (nation of Gabon) at the time, so maybe you can consider that the movie is educational.  It has some big names, including Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian) and Jane Pauley (Saturday Night Live).  Just watch 10 minutes and get back to me, love it or hate it?


The Schwab Lobster Phone

Unfortunately, OC and Stiggs does not deliver a Lobster song. But the movie does deliver on music!

In the movie at around 1:17, King Sunny Ade's African Beats play a concert in tribute to Wino Bob.  Forty years later, if you are lucky, King Sunny will do another US tour and you can enjoy his Nigerian music first hand:

King Sunny Ade

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