February 2019

Lobsta Mania!

Editor's Note August 2019: It appears that while we were distracted, something happened to this fine opinion piece, and  some of the UE's thoughts are missing from this page. Luckily, you still get a taste of the lobster goodness!  We'll try to restore the rest of it soon. 

Welcome to IMS Boston 2019!

In honor of being back in the Bay State, Microwaves101 will offer stuffed lobsters to all who stop by the booth.  Not the Food Network kind, the other kind.  You will will have to sign the adoption papers which requires your email address... There are three colors of lobster, and they each have names:

Blue: Rocky, Orange: JoyBoy, Red: Hippo 

Below, some explanation as to what part of Pop Culture the names came from.  And we offer an alternative name.... Schwab.

Rock Lobster

The B52s signature song from 1978, with absurd noises by by Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. It's in the same key as Beethovan's Moonlight Sonata and Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu, C-sharp minor.

Rock Lobster by the B52s




The loved one is a comedy-tragedy by Evelyn Waugh from the early 1960s.  He is basically making fun of Hollywood by parodying Whispering Glades, a , and doing a great job. If you see the movie, read the book. In the scene below, Joyboy (tone of the lead moticians) is courting Amy Thanotogenis (a cometician), by inviting her to meet "Mama". It does not go well. Rod Steiger should have won an Oscar, so should Anjanette Comer.  There is no one I have met that does not like this film.








Zorak meets Hippo




Later on, Hippo has his own TV show, with a catchy tune.  Show us your garbage, show us your trash, and if Hippo likes it, you'll win some cash.

The Hippo Show


OJ and Stiggs

This is a movie that 9 out 10 people hate, but I am a fan.  Perhaps because I remember the National Lampoon stories that it was based on, which are NSFW.  OC (Oliver Cromwell) and Stiggs exist only to torture teh Scwhab family, for example, calling Africa on the Scwhab Lobster Phone to run up the phone bill.  It is politically incorrect by today's standards.  Just watch 5 minutes and get back to me, love it or hate it?






In the movie around 1:17, King Sunny Ade's African beats play a concert in tribute to Wino Bob.  Forty years later, if ou are lucky, King Sunny will do another US tour and you can enjoy his Nigerian music first hand:


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