September 2001

Congratulations on finding your way to the future! The future of Microwave Engineering, anyway. And like any future product, this one is not finished yet (note the use of the word "future" in the previous sentences). You probably found your way here because found us before we were completely ready for business. So welcome to class, take a seat and keep quiet while we reshape the cyber world of Microwaves for the benefit of all mankind.

Now that you are on to our little scheme, many of you want to know more about us, and how our business works. You might be thinking, "damn, that looks like a good idea, I'd like a piece of that action". Or maybe, "damn, why don't I start my own microwave site and beat those chumps to the punch?" My advice: don't even try to go there.

Let me tell you a little about We are on our way to becoming a premier example of a web-based BTB business. We have an army of contributors speedily working on salient technical content, with a combined microwave experience measured in centuries. We have PC Mojo on our payroll, one of the best web-site developers in cyber space. We are backed by the very deep pockets of P-N Designs of Tucson Arizona, a well-known industrial powerhouse (check them out at P-N At the same time, we aren't bound by big business bureaucracy and politics, we are lean and mean. In short, you can't touch this, so sit back, relax and enjoy it!


Two views of P-N Designs State-of-the-Art Class 100 Clean Room

While we're at it, let me review for you the other so-called microwave web sites. In technical terms, they all suck. Their scope is limited, they are awkward to use, and they just don't get it. We get it, that's why we are here.

If you want to know how we can help you sell microwave products, drop us a line at If you want to help us with content for fame and fortune, drop an email and your favorite equation to And remember to visit us first whenever you need microwave solutions!

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